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kinda tired of “human” apparently being the endgame goal for all non-human entities. why is calling them “human” the highest praise they can receive in fiction. angels, demons, robots, aliens, etc. becoming literally human or being as close to human as possible is always…

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I just wanted to let you guys know that adding an asterisk to “trans” and also to things like “trans woman” or “transphobia” is transphobic in that it’s used to exclude people who arent “trans enough” (so they cant be trans, but they’re allowed in if there’s an asterisk), and also from what i understand it is commonly used against trans women as a form of transmisogyny. thanks!

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for those wondering, #tom siddell, the #gunnerkrigg court author, tweeted a joke about girls having penises, people called him out, siddell retweeted responses from trans women followed up with “the internet has become an incredible place,” and then made a sarcastic non-apology. the people he retweeted are being harassed now.

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Political Post Addressing Ukraine


I am Ukrainian.

And while I have only discussed this partially with one of my good friends, @theorangepancake, I think I just need to get this off of my chest.

We are NOT neo-nazis, as many Tumblr users have seemed to make the assumption throught #Ukraine posts. We are…

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I wish someone had told me


Blanket statements against cis, straight, white (often male) people used to make me uncomfortable.

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the university of illinois at urbana is trying to get surgery and hormone treatment for trans ppl included in their student health insurance but there’s some pushback from the board of trustees so if you have a moment please sign and signal boost the petition for its inclusion!

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Loretta Saunders’ body found in New Brunswick - Nova Scotia - CBC News



Loretta Saunders was researching the disappearance and murders of Indigenous women in Canada when she went missing. Her body has been found in New Brunswick and investigators are treating her death as a homicide.

i still don’t see anybody talking about this so i’m. gonna reblog it again and restate that loretta saunders was an indigenous woman researching the murders of indigenous women in canada

she was doing such important and probably emotionally difficult work i want people to know and care about this

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trans girl in need of a little help


I wasn’t planning on spending $300 on freeing my car and replacing its wheel, and it’s really put me in a spot.

I can’t really afford food, and rent will be very close this month. I’m already coping with a fair amount of issues, and this stuff being piled on top is keeping me at a constant breaking point.

I could really use financial help from gracious strangers. Please consider signal boosting if you don’t have the means or interest in donating.

thank you <3

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